Unicorns - Light Reactive

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This magic fabric comes to life in the sun! This is a PRE-ORDER from 7/25 to 8/3. After closing there is a 3 week turn around time. This fabric is imported from Europe. 

Fabric Details:

95% cotton 5% elastane 200gsm - this fabric is not as thick and does not have as much recovery as custom printed fabric. It still works well for shirts, dresses, skirts but will not work well for things like leggings.

OKO-TEX certified, which means that it's tested and certified to be safe of any harmful chemicals, including lead. I will try to get test results if they're available. 

This type of fabric CAN NOT be tumble dried or dried in direct sunlight. The reactive coating that makes it change colors will not last long if dried in a dryer or in the sun. Please hang dry indoors.