Rainbow Fur - BOARDSHORT

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Fabric Details: Boardshort/Peachskin - 100% Polyester - 100gsm - 60" wide

-This listing is for pre-order fabric. All fabric is ordered, and then printed to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Updates can be found in our Facebook group on timelines. 


-All yardage will be continuous as possible. Sometimes cutting errors are made. You will be notified if your yardage won't be continuous.

-There are no returns or exchanges. If you find a flaw that we have missed in your fabric please contact info@runamokfabric.com. Flaws within 4" of selvage edges are not considered grounds for refunds. That is industry standard acceptable flaws.

-I primarily ship USPS, except when shipping internationally. I will refund shipping overages paid to me over $2. 

-Layaway programs: Sezzle is available for customers in the US, and Canada for layway. Lay-Buy is available for all customers no matter location.