Tags are a fun way to give your products a more professional and unique look. 

There are a lot of different ways to to make your own custom tags. Here are a few tried and true ways. 

•Custom printing: 

Here at Run Amok you can place a custom order for the fabric base of your choice with your custom made tags. 
Keep an eye out because there will be ready to ship size tags and handmade logo tags coming to the website soon.
These are great for everyone and easy to write different sizes on using a fabric marker. 
*Here are some places to visit for compliance info:
Here is how to format your tags to submit your order for your custom tags. 
What you need: 
A photo of your logo
What you want/need your tag to say 
A computer 
Word/other publishing software 
Step one:
After doing your research on what you want/need to be on your tag open a word processor or similar publishing software. 
Step two: 
Import your logo picture 
Center all text type out what you want/need it to say. Once the tag looks like you want it to look save the picture. 
Another tag option is to have your logo and business name.
these can be made to be on there own or flipped 
Step three: 
You can email this picture to Emily at info@runamokfabric.com And she will turn this into a repeating image. If you would like your tags in specific dimensions please leave that information in the email. 
This is similar to what the tags will look like once they have been repeated.

•Homemade heat transfer tags: 

These are great if you want to try your hand at making them yourself. 
What you need: 
Cloth (this is to put between the iron and your product) 
Heat transfer paper 
Wax paper 
Cotton twill or ribbon 
Step one: 
Import your logo picture Or the picture of your tag.
Step two: 
Either in word or other publishing software repeat your image how you want it to print into your paper. Keep in mind your paper and how big you want the tags to print. 
For example if your ribbon is 1 inch wide you want the whole tag to fit within the one inch width. 
Step three:
Before printing go to your printer settings and flip your tags horizontally. 
Step four: 
Load heat transfer paper into your printer making sure that printing will be on the dull side of the paper. 
Step five: 
Cut labels out to be ironed onto the ribbion/cotton twill etc. 
I recommend cutting one out and ironing on to your preferred item as a test, if all is good cut out in strips. 
Step six: 
Place strip of heat transfer paper right sides together with your ribbon. 
Place cloth over and Iron on your tags following the directions per your heat transfer paper. 
Step seven: 
Allow the ribbion to cool down, once cool remove the paper. 
Step eight: 
Place wax paper over the ribbion and iron over the ribbion again. This helps really push the heat transfer film onto your ribbion. 
Step nine. 
Cut to your desired lengths. 

•Decorative tags: 

A fun way to add some extra detail!
These can be made with or without your logo for a unique look.
What you will need: 
Fabric can be scraps woven, cl, even French terry. you can also use cotton twill. 
Sewing machine 
Ink pad (read the back to make sure it is suitable for fabrics) 
Fabric markers 
Step one: 
Cut your fabric in the desired size, if using a stamp cut it about it a quarter inch bigger on each side of graphic. Think about how you want your tag to look. 
Do you want it flat? 
Do you want it to wrap around? 
Do you want it to it to stick out? 
Then cut it accordingly. 
Step two: 
Once you have it cut serge the sides. 
This is not needed for non-fraying fabrics such as cl but can be done for added detail. 
Step three:
Using a desired stamp, stamp it into the ink pad then onto your fabrics. 
You can order a stamp with your logo online. There are a lot of great small shops on Etsy. 
You can also do fun decorative tags using fabric markers. Follow the steps above but instead of using a stamp use the fabric markers to write/draw onto the fabric your desired design.