Our Story

WHAT WE DO: Here at Arthur Amelia we strive to provide children's clothing to make your little stand out in a crowd. After growing tired of buying children's clothing that didn't fit properly, wasn't stylish, or wore out after a few washings owner, Emily Harkness, decided it was time for parents to have options. Arthur Amelia provides a wide variety for different climates, body types, and sizes. Our solid pieces can help you round out an outfit, while our exclusive prints will be the statement piece you've been searching for. Arthur Amelia's styles aren't just trendy... they're useful. Every baby style we offer is cloth diaper friendly, some styles grow with your child so they can fit over multiple years, and many designs are gender neutral so siblings can pass clothing down. We love custom orders! We're passionate that every body deserves properly fitting clothing. If you're needing specific sizing for a child that doesn't fall into the conventional sizing system please reach out. We would love to make something amazing that will ease shopping frustrations and inspire loads of self confidence.

HOW I GOT HERE: Sewing is a family tradition. My mom and grandmothers all sew. As a child I was taught, but I never caught the sewing bug until later in life. In my early 20's I worked in a day center for adults with disabilities. My job was to do crafts, and teach the clients to sew. It was there I found my inspiration and my love for creating. After leaving that job I did some other things for a few years, but I just wasn't content. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I decided it was best for my family if I didn't work outside the home. I figured I would start a little business on the side to make some income while I was home with my babies, which is when Arthur Amelia was born. Now, my passion for creating consumes my life. I find joy in my work every single day, and my kiddos get to come along for the ride. I'm grateful every day for the opportunities my shop has given me, and the support of my customers.


- I love, love, love the show The Office. I've probably watched the series 10 times. - Arthur Amelia's name originally came from my daughter's name Amelia, and my grandfather's middle name Arthur. When we found out my son was a boy, my daughter insisted we make his middle name Arthur so his name could be in my business too. 
- I drink iced tea like it's water. I blame my great-grandma for the habit, there's photos of me as a baby drinking tea.
- I have 8 tattoos with plans to get more.