Beet - Bamboo Solid

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Beet is the most vibrant beautiful shade of fushica. It sits right in between a purple and a pink depending on how you see things. 

Solids are new at Run Amok! Here's some details:

  • Pre-order will run until April 6th.
  • Colors that do no meet minimums will be given the chance to either be refunded or switched to another color, hopefully all of them reach close enough so none have to be dropped!
  • Turn around time from the date I order from the manufacturer until the day I get them about 7 days. I'll need a few days to process, so expect a 2 week turn around time once your color is ordered, or pre-order closes. 
  • Once I know which colors are popular through this pre-order, I will try to keep those popular colors in stock and color match them to each round of custom printed fabric released.  


  • 230 GSM 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex
  • 72" Wide
  • For context, our cutsom print cotton lycra and bamboo lycra is 240 gsm, so these solids are nearly the same weight. 
  • Check the albums in the Facebook group for photo match ups of these solids with the custom printed fabric.