Our Team

Here at Run Amok Fabric, we have an amazingly talented team that sews our strike-offs into beautiful items, takes photos of those items, then shares those photos. We wouldn't be able to make the fabric come to life and show off the versatility of it without our team's support. Many on the team sews for a living, so we've created a directory of their businesses. If you love the fabric but don't sew, or if you just love the style someone creates in, this is the place to be to find Run Amok Fabric already made into beautiful items. 

April Miller

April owns Dragonfly and Stitch. She says "I sew for kiddos and adults. While I'll take on lots of different projects, I specialize in "nerdy" designs that include girls-in-science themes, dresses for kids regardless of gender, and I like to put pockets in everything because far too many women's and girls' clothes don't have 'em." You can visit Dragonfly and Stitch on their Facebook by clicking here

Caylin VanDyke

Caylin owns VanDyke Kids. They make stuffies and dyed clothing and blankets for ages newborn to 10. You can visit VanDyke Kids on their website here. VanDyke kids does semi-custom orders through their Facebook group.

Dana Mattini

Dana owns Dreaming Tree Designs. Dreaming Tree Designs  mainly offers handbags and accessories (wallets, wristlets, zip bags, makeup rolls, etc.) but does occasionally make clothing and accessories. Dreaming Tree Designs does take custom orders. You can visit their facebook here, or find them on Instagram @dreamingtreedesigns41.

Elaine Miller

Elaine owns A Pretty Bramble, which specializes in children's clothing. You can visit A Pretty Bramble on Facebook here. A Pretty Bramble does take custom orders.

Iesha Murphy

Iesha owns Mom Made, which specializes in children's and adult women's clothing. You can visit Mom Made on Facebook here, or find them on instagram @mommadestore. Mom Made does take custom orders.

Jaime Routon

Jaime owns Indie Knit Works, a handmade clothing shop that specializes in children's and women's wear as well as re-useable paper towels and wipes. Indie knit works does accept custom orders. You can find them on their Facebook group here, or on Instagram @indieknitworks.

Jessica Braden

Jessica owns both Birdie and Liv and Riot Moon Cloth. 

Birdie and Liv offers handmade cloth diapers in a variety of styles. You can visit them on Facebook here.

Riot Moon Cloth offers handmade cloth menstrual pads. You can visit them on Facebook here

Jessica Lockler

Jessica owns Poppy Stitches, which creates handmade clothing for children and adults. Poppy Stitches does custom orders. You can visit their Facebook here, and their instagram @poppystitches.

Paige Reed

Paige owns Larkspur Entwined. Larkspur Entwined specializes in women's clothing. You can find Larkspur Entwined on their Facebook here, or on their Etsy here

Sharon Bratton

Sharon owns Triple Arrow Creations, which specialized in one of a kind clothing for children. Triple Arrow Creations does take custom orders. You can find them on Facebook here

The rest of the team doesn't have a business for me to promote, but they deserve some attention none-the-less. They, and their kiddos, work just as hard to sew and take beautiful photos for us.