Hi, Hello, Hey There

I'm Emily and I'm the creator of Run Amok Fabric! I'm the one woman show who designs, cuts, and ships every yard of fabric that all of you buy. Ever wondered how I got here? Well, today is your lucky day. 

I started sewing when I was very young. The women in my family have known how to sew for generations. My mom has actually saved the little pictures I had embroidered when I was young, I'll have to share those some day.

Once I was an adult I had kind of stopped sewing until I started working at a day center for disabled adults. There I helped clients learn how to quit, sew, and embroider and it really sparked my love for the craft again. 

A few years after leaving that job I started a children's clothing company called Arthur & Amelia. After running that business for a couple years and doing seamstress work on the side I learned how to design fabric and found my true love. I love graphic design, and I love seeing the things all my crafty customers make with what I design. 

If you're wondering about Run Amok and not me, here's a little about the company. Run Amok is a fabric company that sells limited-run digitally printed fabrics of our own design. Run Amok is currently run out of my home, but we have plans to expand to our own space in the near future. 

We sell fabric mainly through pre-bookings, so you can make sure you get the amount and the exact design you want before things sell out. We will be changing the way things run slightly in the next few months so keep an eye on our social media and your emails for those announcements. 

Run Amok also values also values social justice and being able to do our part. Run Amok frequently runs art that a coincidences with a donation to various grass roots organizations or to direct action.