• Welcome to Run Amok Fabric

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Welcome to Run Amok Fabric

Hi, Hello, How are ya?

A little about me...

I'm Emily, and the kids you see here are my kiddos. I started this business so I could be a work at home mom, and I'm living the dream getting to do what I love and be with my kids all day. If you have any questions feel free to reach out on our contact form, you'll get a personal answer straight from me!

Contact form

Amazing fabric and amazing customer service. I love Run Amok!

Carrie B.

Great fabric host, inclusive, kind, listens to the community well. The blanket toppers are incredibly soft. Cotton Lycra has great recovery, washes well, vibrant colors, clear details. Highly recommend.

Britany Q.

Currently we operate under a pre-order system. That means you order now,  then I print the amount ordered and send it out to you once it's back to me. That's what makes this limited run! Once that fabric you see is gone, it's gone forever.